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Nurnberg Toy fair 2015 REPORT

The Israeli  HO aspect

By: Yaron Dozetas.(copyright 03.2015)

The information given is purely personal and compiled to the best of my knowledge.


Nurnberg 66th Toy Fair in General it a big International event.  2857 Exhibitors from 67 countries, 70,084 visitors from 126 coutries that seen all over in the 18 halls.

Our focus is on model railways hall which catch the eyes of all the fair visitors,due to the sophisticated attractions there,which represent the advanced technology in worldwide model railways hobby.

Hall 4A was highly crowded as usual .a lot of people with a smile on their face,fascinated from the action that blown on the figures,the landscape models,the rolling stock,the lighting effects,the control panels and the layouts.

The financial situation bother almost everybody of the manufacturers  and they plan to reduce their stock,in order to prevent funding problems. For example,Hobby Trade almost collapsed due to wrong investments.Now they are back in production after all their double deck coaches sold out. The big manufacturer Vollmerclosed this year.They sell their toolings and imerged into Kibri-Viessmann. Makkette\NPE also decided to stop their production …this company was with a very big expectations and they really made very good models. Another company that plan to close is Trident from Austria,well known for Israeli models…really pitty.

One of the main interesting things that already influence the model trains market in the GPS system.A single decoder with flexible antenna for each turnout or signal ,so no need for wires. The transmitor range is 50meters and the signals will be recived even in hidden places. The decoder can be placed also in locomotives and all is needed it just to drill 2mm hole for the antenna. This system can save a lot of money and probebly some problems on wiring.


The 2 big companies-Roco and Fleischmann,represented their European models and the main attraction in their booth was the in front camera that built in the loco cabin and transmited the video to an outside screen .#66625 is roco's SGNS container wagon,with 20'containers.price-31€.#47765-is like ex.SNCF 63 tons container wagon that in use in IR.

From Fleischmann I will mention the Gorlitz double deck driving car #5620 (110€) which was shortened a bit to adapt it to the double deck coaches(65€) from fleischmann(#5625 and #5620). another interesting item is  #550502- 3 talbot wheathered wagons with ballast. #524101 is an SGNS container wagon of the SBB,with have,as usual from Fleischman and like the real models,the pins in the wagons to accept the containers that have holes.cost of 3 wagons set-150€.

From unknown reason,Heljan-who used to manufacture the Israeli IC3(and it is still a medium size company that produce HO and OO rolling stock and buildings),was not present,even that they appear in the exhibition catalog.probebly,a last minute cancelation.

It was very exciting to see REE models ; their Ex USATC steam locomotive is one of the lasts that seen in israel network before it scraped. The HO model represented 2 years ago for the first time at Nurnberg toy fair. The model,highly detailed ,all metal with coal in it coal chamber,detailed drivers cabin and doors. The DCC ready version cost 200euro. Digital sound version cost 300euro. Smoke unit for this loco is not available yet. Rivarossi and jouef have also this loco,made of plastic body shell with metal chassis. It is a bit cheaper and this version is also DCC ready.

Artitec Presented the UN force soldiers as seen at golan heights. It is a well detailed models in a 6 persons pack. They also have some very well painted I.D.F. soldiers and militery vehicals such as Merkava tank,all well detailed for the Israeli army HO enthusiests. among their precise models there are more highlights : #10.194 is a synagogue that located at Holland.#10.157-a crossing gate structure that is similar to the one from Jerusalem.#10.214-warehouse,#10-209 a signal box that remind me some of the signal boxes along the Tel Aviv- Haifa line,#87.027-an HO centurion mark 5 israeli tank of the IDF. 

Sudexpress EURO 4000; Only 200pcs produced for the I.R.(Israel Railway) version.50pcs for AC operation and 150pcs for DC operation.The AC version will work only digital and if someone will want to run it analogic, he have to use an analogic decoder. The model became famous due to the fact that it choosen for one of the best models for 2013. It highly detailed and it weight about 1kg!!. I have met a college from spanish magazin and he told me that it one of the best models they ever tested...according to my expirience as a representetive of the manufacturer and one of the promoters for the Israeli version,the model have a lot of parts. Just the body shell have about 75 parts !!! 

In order to run it with a train,you must assemble the coupler after pulling the dummy hook.

Then, you must cut or strongly bend the air pipes to allow the coupler to move freely. By removing the body shell,it possible to assemble the drop in esu sound decoder(the recomended by the manufacture).No need for tools,just follow the draw in the loco pack. The loco powered by ESU motor.Price for DC analog is 1550nis. Price for AC digital ready is 1650nis.

Herpa & Wiking Presented new cars,trucks,buses and accesories. Lot of models that are seen in the israeli road,such as VW,man,mercedes etc. Due to the fact that they have to pay a considerable fee to the prototype companies,there is no cheap prices. Anyway, a new model of ZIM container based on the real prototype container , is available in 2015 in 20' and 40'.

Kibri Presented a nice model of  bus terminal,well designed and very nice leds lighted. Item number 49000.

Marklin/Trix Presented few new european models,but our interest is on israeli models by Trix- ABB T44 of SJ. The Gorlitz double deck coaches of them looks fine .....but it 1:100 scale,unfortunately.

Preiser Presented a nice collection of new items. Exept figures,they presented very nice model accessories for beverage market(item 17124). Also,some sailing boats and landing stages kit (17315). Interior for model houses (17710),road maintenance such as in Israel (33262) ,all handmade painted and highly detailed. For the Israeli market there is nothing better then their Magirus fire engine collection.

Peco/Ratio; Smartswitch is a very nice system for controling signals,semaphores,turnouts,level crossing etc....easy to set up,servo motors,modular,stand alone system for 12V DC or with DCC.Item 553 from ratio may be interesting for us ; signal box interior,for semaphore control house.

First time in the fair- the Czech company Igra,presented the Israeli Police car-Skoda Octavia, that manufactured privetly to the writer of these lines. It possible to combine MERTEN #2561 which is a 6 figures of german democratic republic police and with a minor change of the clothes color,it will be like the Israeli police mans.

Mabar : The VOSSLOH 333.3  which is very similar to the one that in use in IR, remade it first appearance to the public as an exlusive private production. it is a heavy weight model (about 500 grams)that have a metal chassie and plastic body shell.the main changes to IR are the headlight and the 2 small direction lights that are rounded and in the wrong location.since it is a renfe model,the boogies are wider(the track in spain is wider then the standart gauge).The models are DCC ready or DCC sound. Prices not published yet. One of the very nice models that they show is the passenger coach that made from wood.each one of them is painted individualy…highly detailed !!

Kleinspoor ; Well…the most similar model resin kit for IR Kirow crane.

Acme : This Italian manufacturer represent before a version of the Ex. USATC Whitcomb diesel,known as cl. D143. Now they plan to manufacture the version with exhaust chimney,coming up in 2015.This model is very similar to the HBT Whitcomb.

PIKO: #54822-a container wagon with 3 "china shipping" 20' containers on remind the 63 tons container wagon of IR,although it not have the same livery. This wagon s replace the other SGNS wagons,such as #5245(the good old brown wagon with maersk container).

Brawa: Not a new item,but definitely worth to  remember:#45705-Wurttemberg coach,which is still in use in Syria and been in use in the Israeli part of the Hedjaz railway(the valley train).this model is with interior lighting and interior decoration. The color is the same brown like the prototype.

Electrotren: No available catalog.anyway,there is a 63 tons containers wagon,with Maersk,Genstar and Evergreen 20' containers.

Heki: Although it is not a rolling stock company, some trees caught my eyes:#1970- 5pcs of pine trees. it is an easy to built kit of these trees using item #3341-special colored rubber glue.even after that the tree is ready, it is easy to reposition it branches  without the leaves will fall.these trees are available also as ready for use:#2122- 4pcs of pine trees,price-6.6€.it is a very good deal.

ESU:  This company specialized in sound decoders. now they introduce more Locomotives of their own production (such as the amazing DB EMD CL. 66 ),in addition to their interior lights for coaches.

Viessmann: A cooperation with preiser leeds to a moving figures:a man with brush painting,street workers,#5055-waving women,#5023-signal man,etc…#5048-is a pair of couplers that transfer the voltage from coach to coach.

Rietze : Will present this year the M.A.N NG 313 Egged Israeli bus,funded by private collector.

LS Models : Very precise European have the best 63tons container wagon that have a removeable pins,with Y25 Bogies.


LS Models : Very precise European have the best 63tons container wagon that have a removeable pins,with Y25 Bogies.

PMT: #35201-2 small flat wagons,black color,usually use for maintenance crew.price:12€.:#33102- small flat motorized wagon,yellow color,usually in use with unmotorized maintenance vehicals(Kibri).price:99€.

Auhagen: Now offer also some stations,buildings and houses,made from paper.#41204-telephone poles.#42630-high tension masts.

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